Gallery Exhibition (First Friday, May 4th)
Posted by Ms. Goya on 26 April 2012

La Morte
Narrative, 3 minutes
Written and Directed by Adam Simon ’14
Cinematography by Keita Funakawa ’12
Synopsis: A non-linear telling of a young relationship tainted by the consequences of substance abuse.

La Morte
Posted by Ms. Goya on 16 April 2012

Lost in Paradise
Experimental, 3 minutes
Directed by Shane Holomalia* ’12
Synopsis: A peculiar man roams the streets and shores of Waikiki to find himself lost in paradise.

Lost in Paradise
Posted by Ms. Goya on 16 April 2012

Experimental, 33 seconds
Animation by Amy Tanoue* ’14
Sound Design by Cameron Nadler* ’13
Synopsis: This animation is about the cycle of life and the imbalance that occurs within it.

Posted by Ms. Goya on 16 April 2012

Experimental, 8 minutes
Directed by Eshan Mehta ’14 and Roman Nicolai ’14
Synopsis: The performance of a boring act transcends the screen.

Posted by Ms. Goya on 16 April 2012

These Shoes
Experimental, 30 seconds
Directed by Eri Tajima ’12
Synopsis: This stop-motion short film explores the release from societal constraint through the mundane action of walking by shedding ones shoes and jumping off the path.  

These Shoes
Posted by Ms. Goya on 16 April 2012

English Teacher From Hell
Narrative, 2 minutes
Story and Animation by Maggie Hinshaw* ’13
Synopsis: Horror in the class room is an action-packed animation.

My English Teacher From Hell
Posted by Ms. Goya on 16 April 2012

The Lunch Situation
Experimental, 1 minute 30 seconds
Directed by Matt Brown ’13 and Ryan Evangelisti ’13
Synopsis: There’s two sides to every story. Here’s one account of both sides to a story that happened during lunch.

The Lunch Situation
Posted by Ms. Goya on 16 April 2012

Reframe:  Media Arts Festival
Opening Night Screening

The MPSA Media Arts program is very excited to announce the line-up for the opening night screening of Reframe:  Media Arts Festival.  Fifteen of the Best Short Films in Animation, Narrative, Experimental categories were selected for the screening and will be showcased at Ong King Art Center’s First Friday event.

These films and performances will be voted on for the Audience Choice Award.

Opening Night Screening
Selected Works
(in alphabetical order)

Matt Brown
Cassidy Cox (p)
Ryan Evangelisti
Summer Harrison
Maggie Hineshaw*
Noelani Ho*
Shane Holomalia*
Taylor Lau
Eshan Mehta
Christopher Mojumdar
Cameron Nadler*
Roman Nicolai
Davis Sabatino (p)
Summer Shigetani
Adam Simon
Eri Tajima
Amy Tanoue*
Ayari Tochika*
Tori Tokunaga (p)
Kyler Wood*

*MPSA Digital Media Art Certificate Students
(p) a Ka Nalu Ola Literary Journal Performance

Bakken Art Show

Selections will be announced on 4/13

Ong King Art Center Show

Selections will be announced on 4/20

Posted by Ms. Goya on 12 April 2012

Reframe explores themes of formation and transformation through video, photography, animation, and performance.

Mid-Pacific School of the Arts presents the first annual Media Arts Festival, which will include student-lead digital imaging workshops; photo and digital art exhibitions; an opening night screening with outdoor A/V projections and performances; and will culminate with a gallery show at Ong King Art Center. Submissions will be accepted from MPI elementary, middle, high school and alumni through February 20, 2012.

Reframe by Kyler Wood ’12
Posted by Ms. Goya on 26 February 2012
Youth Media Arts Festival